5 cool artists that now are lame

The music industry is an ever-changing landscape, with artists coming and going, rising up and burning up. But then there are those artists that rose up and gained popularity, and had followers all over the world, only to become lame and lose respect of their fans. Here is a list of 5 artists that were once amazingly cool and provided high-quality music, but have since become extremely lame and unlistenable.

  1. Black Eyed Peas

Everyone knows the Black Eyed Peas! But most fans of this band today have no idea what the band used to be about. The Black Eyed Peas were prominent members of the hip hop culture, and had quite the following in their early days. They made high-quality underground hip hop, but have since plummeted to making things like “The Time” which is featured in their new album The Beginning. Some claim that this is the fault of Fergie, who joined the band right before they pivoted into lameness.

  1. Eminem

Unquestionably one of the greatest MCs in history, Eminem was quite the novelty when he first started. His fun and insightful rhymes gained him immense popularity. But in the last few years, he has started making things that some say betray the hip hop culture. From his collaboration with Rihanna to his work with Lil Wayne, this is definitely not the cool Eminem we used to know.

  1. Green Day

Every true punk fan can agree that Green Day is one of those bands that just sold out. Their music used to be very good and they were incredibly cool, but now their music can only be called sad pop music – which some claim is making a fool of punk culture. Lame!

  1. Prince

From the 70s to the 90s, Prince had made many influential albums, and was widely regarded as a cool artist. But then his music became less inspiring and more lame and boring jazz-funk crap. Definitely not cool.

  1. No Doubt

No Doubt started out as quality ska, and slowly turned into an awful pop rock band. When you compare their old tunes to today’s stuff, you can really say that they went to the crapper – and became extremely lame while doing it!